Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising Service in Bangladesh

If you want to reach your targeted customer, Social Media Marketing(Paid) is the best way to arrive targeted people quickly. Branding is important things for any company or Business. Social Media Marketing(Paid) will be your first choice for quick popularity. Here Creative soft Bangladesh is providing Social Media Marketing(Paid) service for any types of business.
  • Reaching your client in targeted area is easier.
  • You can boost your website for more traffic.
  • More traffic will help you get more sales.
  • You can reach your clients at a very low cost.
  • Branding your website or business is easier.
  • Most of the Bangladesh advertisement companies randomly boost the advertisement which is not really fruitful. Also facebook has some rules for the advertisement and you must follow them for successful results. You can choose between a daily, weekly, monthly or a lifetime budget, as well as a cost per thousand impressions, bids (CPM) or cost per click bid (CPC). You will only pay for the clicks or impressions you receive, up to the amount you set for your budget. The cost of Facebook ads depends on a few factor. You can start your campaign from 1$ per day. You can advertise on facebook via Creative soft Bangladesh. We have experts on facebook marketing who will ensure a successful advertisement of your company.