Inventory Software

Inventory Software

ACCOUNTING & INVENTORY SOFTWARE is a PHP/jQuery based web application that allows you to manage your sales and inventory on site.Update your stock information, make purchases and view sales data from anywhere whether in the office, at home, in the warehouse, or on the go. All you need to access this a device with internet connection.

Features of software

Customers: You can add ,
  • 1. unlimited customer's
  • 2. Customer details(address, mobile number, email address etc.)
  • Items: You can add,
  • 1. unlimited products or item here with stock information,
  • 2. supplier name,
  • 3. inventory info,
  • 4. barcode number etc.
  • Suppliers: You can save your ,
  • 1. supplier information here with their contact details.
  • Receiving: If client back your product then this option will help you to receive the product that will hit your inventory Sales: This option help your salesperson to sale your product from stock & receive the payment by cash or card Store Configuration: You can set or edit,
  • 1. Shop information
  • 2. Address and phone number
  • 3. Barcode integrated purchase
  • 4. sales system.
  • Cash and Bank:
  • 1. Record payments
  • 2. deposit and withdrawals in related accounts.
  • Multi-Currency Support:
  • 1. Multi-Currency Bank Accounts
  • 2. Customers And Suppliers
  • Responsive (Multiple device supported, example: desktop, laptop, Tab, smartphone etc.) Bad Stock and Slow Stock assignment:
  • 1.bad stock hit the main category.
  • Advanced search:
    Salary Management: salary option will be static.
    Zakat Calculator: Zakat calculation will be total money of the software. Warranty and repair Management
    Database backup: data backup import from dashboard without access cpanel.


    Sales Report: You will get,
  • 1. day, month & year wise sales report
  • 2. stock, vat and profit information.
  • Categories Report:
  • 1. You can check how much product are in your stock in category wise.
  • Customers Report: You can check which customers take how much product with price by date wise. Suppliers Report: You can see,
  • 1. the supplier list & their products here.
  • Items Report: You can see,
  • 1.the stock report(date wise)
  • 2. sales report(date wise)
  • Employees Report: You can check,
  • 1. employee sale how much
  • 2. deal with which customers.
  • Taxes Report: You can see all tax report here. Discounts Report: You can see how much,
  • 1. discount you provide to your clients
  • 2. total summary report.
  • Payments Report: You can see,
  • 1. all payment details date wise.
  • Low Inventory Report: If your product is in a re-order level then this option show you the current status. Inventory Summary Report: Full inventory report is here date wise. Graphically sell & profit report: you can check,
  • 1. Overview and warehouse stock chart
  • User History (only for super admin).

    Development Tools:

  • Language: PHP
  • Database: MySQL
  • Framework: CI